The Pray 180 for 180 Website and Social Media connectors are important hubs of membership activity. Application for Individual Membership must be submitted via the website. We will gather membership data for our use only. We respect your privacy. Pray 180 for 180 will not share, sell or rent any of your information to other ministries or companies. The data will enable Pray 180 for 180 to email and/or text blast messages related to any prayer causes affecting our nation.

The following Prayer Tools will be available on the Pray 180 for 180 website at NO CHARGE to bring connection, encourage commitment and provide leadership in prayer and worship:

  • Daily prayer for the restoration of America led by Pray 180 for 180 prayer associates and guests on Website and Social Media
  • United prayer for specific prayer causes
  • Selections for personal prayer needs: Text instruction with scripture references
  • Instructions on how to be saved | Prayer for Salvation — free download
  • Healing | Peace | Strength scriptures — free download
  • Prayer for Israel
  • And more